How to Audio Record your Storytime Conversation

Option 1: Call our voice recording system at (929)-209-9843.

This is an audio recording feature that works just like a voicemail. To record your conversation,

1 ) Dial (929)-209-9843

2 ) Put your phone on speaker so that the recording can capture all speakers

3 ) Start recording your life interview after the beep.

4 ) To stop recording, just hang up.

Your audio recording will be automatically sent to us, and you can access the audio recording through your Vita account.



Option 2: Use a voice recorder app on your smartphone.

Most phones have a default voice recorder app already installed.

If you’re an iPhone user, use Voice Memos (default installed)

If you’re an Android user and you do not have a default app installed, we recommend downloading Titanium Recorder.

You will then have to manually upload your recording by signing in to your Vita account, and clicking on Audio Stories under the My Account tab.