Vita makes preserving life stories fun and simple


Storytime with Loved Ones

Get together with your loved ones and ask them the Vita Storytime Questions.


Audio Record Their Stories

Use an audio recording device/app, or simply dial Vita’s free recording service to audio record their stories. Upload the stories to your private Vita account.


Create a Vita Memoir

When you’re ready, our Vita memoirists are here to help you curate your story recordings, photos, and family recipes into a beautiful memoir to share with family.

Storytime Cards

Reviews from Families

The Vita Experience

It’s Collaborative. Vita brings families together to preserve the life stories of their loved ones. We help ignite the love, laughter and personalities of the storytellers.

It’s Easy. Vita makes it simple to audio record stories – all you have to do is dial a phone number to record a conversation.

It’s Uniquely Curated. Vita’s memoirs are designed for future generations to appreciate. They include transcribed text, audio clips of the storyteller’s voice, as well as family photos and recipes that you’d like to preserve. We can even hand-select historical pictures and media content to help younger readers visualize life in a previous era.

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