Vita Memoir Services


Writing a memoir on your own is often a difficult journey that requires true dedication to the art form. And hours of audio recorded life interviews of a loved one isn’t as shareable or easily cherished as a polished memoir.


That’s why our Vita memoirists are here to help you curate your life story audio recordings into a beautiful memoir for you to share with family. 


Vita memoirs are multimedia in format and are uniquely designed for future generations to appreciate. Our memoirists start by transcribing all your audio files and editing them into a narrative. When we craft the narrative, we ensure to maintain the tone of voice of the storyteller to preserve their personalities.


We then embed audio clips of the storyteller’s voice within the narrative. This way, as readers scroll through the text, they can listen to voice snippets of their loved one. In addition to audio clips, we curate family photos, recipes, or other digital keepsakes that you’d like to preserve within the memoir. Our Vita memoirists can also hand-select historical pictures and media content to insert into your memoir to help younger readers visualize life in a previous era.


Contact us if you’re interested in creating a memoir, one of our memoirist will reach out to you for a personalized service.


Sample Memoirs


Click through the sample memoirs below to get a sense of the Vita multimedia format. Please inquire about printing a life story book.